2015-02-26 02:09 pm

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You had a dream last night. She can't remember most of it except walking through a library in pants with pieces ripped from the legs, so short in some spots that they might as well have been shorts.

There was also some sort of secret meeting, and You and the other meeting people were supposed to decide whether the three factions involved should split apart their alliance and go to war. This was supposed to be in Miriani, but You doesn't think it involves the game at all. And You isn't really sure there were three factions. There could have just as easily been ten, twenty, five thousand. Though You is sure there weren't five thousand. And someone was singing some Christian song about how war is bad, and You was saying that sometimes it's necessary despite all that.

Brain weasels are also telling You her journal is boring and she never has anything good to say. Fuck brain weasels. You is sure they taste delicious when roasted over a nice fire and put atop a bowl of black garlic ice cream.